Next Meeting: Holiday Party at Kennebec Cheesery in Sydney

Our next meeting will be our annual Holiday Party which is now scheduled for a SUNDAY and starts a little later — from noon to 4pm. Our host will be Jean Koons and her Kennebec Cheesery family. Bring something yummy to share, and make sure to bring your Holiday Cheese — this year you should have made a Romano-type around the Fourth of July…?

I hope to see you there,

–Eric Rector
President, Maine Cheese Guild

Guild Statement Related To Local Food Ordinances

logo_200_lowThe Maine Cheese Guild stands by it’s Quality Statement, issued in May 2009, with regard to the Local Food Ordinance proposals we have seen, and to the legislative bills introduced for the 2011 session (LD330 and LD366).

Our testimony against LD330, given to the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry at the March hearing on this bill follows:
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Notes on Water Buffalo Cheesemaker from ACS 2015

Notes on Water Buffalo Session at ACS Conference 2015
7/31/2015 10AM
[photo courtesy of Zhangzhugang through Wikimedia]

Quattro Portoni: Water Bufala in Northern Italy? A Transition That Worked!
by Bruno Gritti, moderated by Michele Buster

1.9 million Water Buffalo in the world; 20% are in Italy (370,000), 2.9% in Africa, 0.7% elsewhere in Europe and North and South America combined; the remainder are in Asia.

Italian Bufala is considered a sub-species; its geneology is tracked back to 12,000 animals that survived WWII. Most are found in Campania (278,000), followed by Lazio (66,000), and then Lombardy (only 6,000).

Quattro Portoni is in Bergano Province in Lombardy, which is the alpine region of norther Italy. They have 60 Hectares of pasture and fields that grow wheat and tritcale as well as hay. They generate 99% of their feed on the farm. They maintain 250 milking cows, 100 “non-dairy” animals, 300 heifers, and 170 steers at any one time.
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Sheep and Goat Seminar

The 2015 Sheep and Goat Seminar will focus on marketing tips to equip producers with the skills and knowledge to improve their business. Topics will include using the internet to expand your market, researching your market, branding your product, determining a profitable price, and developing a marketing plan.

When: Saturday, November 14th, 2015. 9am – 4pm
Where: Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield
Cost: $35 per person


Tentative Schedule:

8:30 AM               Check-in
9:00 AM               Welcome
9:10 AM               Marketing Tips for Farm Business Success
10:20 AM             Questions & Break
10:40 AM             Sheep & Goat Markets and How They Work
Noon                     Lunch
1:00 PM                Update on the UMaine parasitology project
1:30 PM                Branding and Marketing Via Social Media
2:45 PM                Panel Discussion – Marketing Meat, Milk, Fiber
3:45 PM                Evaluation & Adjourn

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