Guild Statement Related To Local Food Ordinances

logo_200_lowThe Maine Cheese Guild stands by it’s Quality Statement, issued in May 2009, with regard to the Local Food Ordinance proposals we have seen, and to the legislative bills introduced for the 2011 session (LD330 and LD366).

Our testimony against LD330, given to the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry at the March hearing on this bill follows:
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Maine Cheese Guild

Meeting: Ag Trade Show Tuesday Jan 13

We held our January meeting at the Maine Agricultural Trade Show at the Augusta Civic Center on Tuesday, January 13th at 10am. There was a nice turn-out along with some fresh faces. Representatives from the Department of Ag were present to help answer licensing and inspection questions. There was a long discussion about membership benefits and outreach to members and non-members (especially licensed cheese making non-members). We also learned that Farms for Maine’s Future has decided to re-submit legislation allowing the sale of unlicensed dairy products during this legislative session. We decided to discuss this in-depth during our February meeting at Pineland Farms Creamery.

Pixie Day

I’m not sure how many know that Pixie Day of Sleighbell Farms in Washington, Maine, died on Sunday, December 7th.  Details can be found on

Pixie had gone out to check on her goats in the wee hours of the morning, fell and broke her hip.  After she slowly and painstakingly dragged herself to the house, she called for help, was taken to Maine Medical in Augusta, but did not recover.

More information and tributes to Pixie can be found on the Saanen Breeders page on Facebook.

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