Meeting: Appleton Creamery, June 20

We’ll be firing up the pizza oven, so bring your favorite toppings! After the meeting is over, we have a tour scheduled at nearby Savage Oakes Winery, so bring some of your cheeses to taste against their wines. It should be a fun-packed day! Also to discuss: updates to the ACS conference, Common Ground Fair, and our non-profit paperwork.

See you there!

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Crooked Face Creamery


Crooked Face Creamery
552 River Rd.
Norridgewock, ME 04957
(207) 858-5096

Josh and Amy Clark are third generation farmers, first generation cheese makers. They craft
unique farmstead cheese with their herd of registered Jerseys on the banks of the Kennebec River
in Norridgewock.

At a few local farmers’ markets this season, Amy & Josh will be offering a different variety of their signature aged Gouda-style cheese – red pepper, rosemary, herbs de provence, and a savory wood-fired favorite. They will also be selling whole milk Ricotta in traditional (and returnable) cheese tins and baskets, as well as their own rendition of Ricotta Salata – a pressed Ricotta with fresh herbs, good for baking, eating on a cracker, or by the spoonful. To mix it up, Crooked Face Creamery will also occasionally offer small batches of other dairy products and fresh cheeses including, farmhouse butter, yogurt, and the occasional specialty spread.


Guild ACS Scholarships Awarded

logo_200_lowAt our last Guild meeting the group agreed that we would offer four (4) partial scholarships worth $500 towards attending the American Cheese Society Conference in Montreal this year, August 3 – 6. These scholarships will be given to Guild members who can attend the conference and who will then report on their experience at a future Guild meeting. At least one of the scholarship attendees will also be asked to blog about their conference experience on the Guild web site.

The 2011 Maine Cheese Guild ACS Scholarships were awarded to:

Amy Clark — Crookedface Creamery
Caitlin Hunter — Appleton Creamery
Deb Hahn — Hahn’s End
Eric Rector — Monroe Cheese Studio

Congratulations to you all!
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Elderflower Farm in Lincolnville has Jersey cow milk to spare

Info about practices and milk handling:
We milk four Jersey cows, two of which are registered and from Two Loons. We feed them all organic hay and supplement their feed with a small amount of organic grain. However, we are not certified organic. We milk with a bucket milker. The milk is cooled in a fifty five gallon chiller which cools the milk very quickly, usually within twenty to forty minutes of puttng the milk in the machine. The milk can be stored in there for a few days. We usually empty out whatever is left and clean the whole thing every two or three days. We’ve been receiving stellar test results from the state.
Our milk is available in amounts ranging from 5 to 20 gallons. Bags or buckets or another means of transportation of the milk would have to be provided.
For interest or further questions contact Caitlin at or call 585 506 2748.



Turner Farm


cheesegoatJamien Shields
73 Turner Farm Road
North Haven, ME 04853
207 867-4962

fresh and aged goat cheeses

Licensed creamery, MOFGA-certified organic vegetables, pasture-raised meat

Available at:

  • North Haven Farmers Market
  • Nebo Lodge Restaurant
  • Turner Farm farm stand (Tues & Thurs 10:00am – 12:30pm)


Rennet and Kid Butchering Workshop May 16 2011

Due to the fantastic and popular success of the Rennet workshop that the Guild and Little Falls Farm put on last spring, we would like to host a mini Rennet/Kid Butchering workshop at Appleton Creamery on May 16. Participants will learn how to slaughter, butcher and harvest rennet from a goat kid. The workshop will go from 10am to 3pm.  Cost is $75 or $25 for Journey-persons and apprentices. Please email Jessie at for more information or to sign up.

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Intro to Cheesemaking June 4th-5th at Morris Farm

The Morris Farm in Wiscasset will be hosting a beginning cheesemaking workshop on March 12th and 13th 2011. The class will be taught by cheesemaker Jessie Dowling of Appleton Creamery. In this hands-on workshop we’ll cover the basics of home cheesemaking.  You will learn how to utilize the tools you have at home with ingredients you can find at the grocery store, your local CSA, or your local dairy to make delicious cheese, butter and yogurt. We’ll be making feta, jack, 30 min mozzerella, a lactic cheese, ricotta and more! The class will be held from 9-3 both Saturday and Sunday and you get to take home the cheese you make. The cost for the weekend is $100 for Morris Farm Members and and $120 for non-members.  You can email to sign up, or for more information. More about the Morris Farm or to register online at:

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Meeting — Little Falls Farm

Eleven&kiddoesWe had a terrific meeting in Harrison at Little Falls Farm, a pretty unique place that produces 100% organic cheese by producing and using their own home-grown rennet.

Mark and Kevin from Pineland Farm gave a demonstration of titration (acid meter)  and calibration of a pH meter.  They will also bring some quality control tests they run, as well as some bacteria/coliform plates of raw milk.


Yogurt Shelf Life?

This just came into the Guild mailbox:

“I make yogurt in a licensed creamery and we’ve been seeing huge (infinite?) shelf lives for our yogurt, upwards of four weeks in the fridge, with a tangier taste but nothing evil going on. We’re currently putting a 2-week expiration date on our yogurt that we sell in stores, but we are tempted to make this date longer or to change wording so that retailers feel comfortable letting stock hang around. I’m curious to see if anyone in the cheese guild has had any experience with this issue, as there apparently aren’t any state guidelines to which we can refer, and the MMDC doesn’t bring up shelf life, either.

Thanks very much for any help you can offer.”

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An act to exempt farm food products…

The full title:

HP0263, LD 330, item 1, 125th Maine State Legislature An Act To Exempt Farm Food Products and Homemade Food Offered for Sale or for Consumption at Certain Events from Certain Licensing Requirements

Last Action: VOTED, Mar 31, 2011, Ought Not to Pass

Scheduled for Hearing: Tuesday, March 22 @ 1:30pm, Cross Office Building, Room 206 (Ag Committee room) in Augusta