The Big E Cheese Competition 2011

The Big E Cheese Competion Judge

The Big E Cheese Competition is now accepting entries. Click here for more info.

Winners from this contest will be displayed, sampled and sold in the Cheese Shoppe located in Mallary Garden during The Big E, along with a display of New England wines. The competition is open to all New England commercial and artisanal cheesemakers.

Entry fee: $25 due by August 10.

Cheese samples should arrive in their original form. One (1) pound or greater wheel, loaf or block is accepted. If producing less than 1 pound please send 3 samples, by August 24.


Swallowtail Farm and Creamery

cheesecowThe Pignatello Family
98 Main St.
North Whitefield
P.O. Box 24
Coopers Mills, ME 04341
(207) 837-3601

A variety of cheese, yogurts and other dairy products made from jersey cows milk.


Northern Exposure Farm – Grade A frozen sheep milk available.

milksheepJim and Janet Weber
Northern Exposure Farm
P. O. Box 93
Holden, ME 04429-0093
(207) 843-6031


Maine Wine Pavilion at the Union Fair

For those of you who could not stay for the visit to Savage Oakes Winery after the meeting on Monday, here is part 2 of the meeting.

The Maine Wine Guild sponsors a Wine Pavilion at the Union Farm, August 21-27. Last year, they sold tickets for $8 for which attendees received samples of several different Maine wines. It was a huge success, and this year, they would like to add in a Maine Cheese Plate. They will purchase the cheese — they are not looking for donations — and Fair Volunteers will assemble the plates. They are looking to us for cheese suggestions as to what cheeses to put on each plate, and a suggested ticket price. With enough cheesemakers participating, it won’t even add up to that much cheese to commit. Last year, they sponsored a winery a day, with a representative of that winery on hand to answer questions. They would like to do that with cheesemakers, to have a cheesemaker or two a day on hand. They would also welcome the Cheese Guild’s display, and would make the suggested wine and cheese pairings.

I think this is a tremendous opportunity to spotlight Maine cheese with a minimum of effort on our part. I would be willing to be the drop-off point for any cheeses (I’m only five miles away from the Fairgrounds).

If you are interested, either let me know, and I will pass along your contact info, or contact Elmer and Holly Savage directly at


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Balfour Farm

cheesecowDoug and Heather Donahue
Balfour Farm
461 Webb Rd
Pittsfield, ME 04967

Certified Organic Dairy Products produced for your family, by our family.


Meeting: Seal Cove Farm

sealcovelogoOur August meeting was hosted by Barbara Brooks in Lamoine at Seal Cove Farm. After an interesting tour, the group discussed the upcoming Union Fair and Common Ground Country Fair events (contact Caitlin for more info), the Open Creamery Day press release, and then a review of some of the info our Guild representatives brought back from the American Cheese Society conference in Montreal.



Meeting: Appleton Creamery, June 20

We’ll be firing up the pizza oven, so bring your favorite toppings! After the meeting is over, we have a tour scheduled at nearby Savage Oakes Winery, so bring some of your cheeses to taste against their wines. It should be a fun-packed day! Also to discuss: updates to the ACS conference, Common Ground Fair, and our non-profit paperwork.

See you there!

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Crooked Face Creamery


Crooked Face Creamery
552 River Rd.
Norridgewock, ME 04957
(207) 858-5096

Josh and Amy Clark are third generation farmers, first generation cheese makers. They craft
unique farmstead cheese with their herd of registered Jerseys on the banks of the Kennebec River
in Norridgewock.

At a few local farmers’ markets this season, Amy & Josh will be offering a different variety of their signature aged Gouda-style cheese – red pepper, rosemary, herbs de provence, and a savory wood-fired favorite. They will also be selling whole milk Ricotta in traditional (and returnable) cheese tins and baskets, as well as their own rendition of Ricotta Salata – a pressed Ricotta with fresh herbs, good for baking, eating on a cracker, or by the spoonful. To mix it up, Crooked Face Creamery will also occasionally offer small batches of other dairy products and fresh cheeses including, farmhouse butter, yogurt, and the occasional specialty spread.


Guild ACS Scholarships Awarded

logo_200_lowAt our last Guild meeting the group agreed that we would offer four (4) partial scholarships worth $500 towards attending the American Cheese Society Conference in Montreal this year, August 3 – 6. These scholarships will be given to Guild members who can attend the conference and who will then report on their experience at a future Guild meeting. At least one of the scholarship attendees will also be asked to blog about their conference experience on the Guild web site.

The 2011 Maine Cheese Guild ACS Scholarships were awarded to:

Amy Clark — Crookedface Creamery
Caitlin Hunter — Appleton Creamery
Deb Hahn — Hahn’s End
Eric Rector — Monroe Cheese Studio

Congratulations to you all!
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Elderflower Farm in Lincolnville has Jersey cow milk to spare

Info about practices and milk handling:
We milk four Jersey cows, two of which are registered and from Two Loons. We feed them all organic hay and supplement their feed with a small amount of organic grain. However, we are not certified organic. We milk with a bucket milker. The milk is cooled in a fifty five gallon chiller which cools the milk very quickly, usually within twenty to forty minutes of puttng the milk in the machine. The milk can be stored in there for a few days. We usually empty out whatever is left and clean the whole thing every two or three days. We’ve been receiving stellar test results from the state.
Our milk is available in amounts ranging from 5 to 20 gallons. Bags or buckets or another means of transportation of the milk would have to be provided.
For interest or further questions contact Caitlin at or call 585 506 2748.