Appleton Creamery Appleton Creamery Announces Cheesemaking Workshops (1/11/2018) - Guild charter member and cheesemaker Caitlin Hunter is again offering mid-winter and early spring cheese making workshops. This year’s lineup includes: Design Your Own Class, Day at the Dairy, Basics of Home Cheese Making–2 Day Workshop, Basics of Hard Cheese, Intro to Goat Cheese and Italian Fun. You can learn more and register at appletoncreamery.com.
Parlez-vous Du Fromage? (1/2/2018) - Seriously, what could be MORE French than a debate about cheese?!? Luckily for us it’s also in English. Enjoy!
Important New Cheese Book Available (11/7/2017) - The Guardian has just published an article outlining one of many compelling stories chartered in Bronwen and Francis Percival’s new book on the cheese industry called Reinventing The Wheel. The authors are currently on tour promoting the book at various book AND cheese stores across America. I have read the book and would highly recommend […]
REGULATORY-NEWS Free FSMA Compliant Food Safety Plan Tool (8/16/2017) - The FDA has created a Windows application meant to run on a PC or laptop that will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a safety plan for your food business, and they’ve now just released it for download. According to the website: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Plan Builder […]
ACS 2017 Awards Announcements (7/28/2017) - Over 2000 cheeses were submitted to the ACS Competion this year, and we’re about to find out if any Maine Cheesemakers are among the award winners. As quickly as I can after they’re announced I will update this page with the good news. Good Luck to all those who submitted entries! Whether you win an […]
ACS 2017 Denver Day 2 (7/28/2017) - At recent conferences Friday is an early morning because that has been when ACS has scheduled a Guild Leaders meeting where all the Guilds can get together and talk through questions and issues surrounding how to run a good Guild. This year we had representatives from Maine, the SouthEast, Rocky Mountains area, MA, OR, VT, […]
ACS 2017 Denver Day 0 (7/26/2017) - Approaching Denver by air from the East you see the vast end of the Great Plains neatly divided into squares of various shades from green to brown with the occasional vericose lump of houses and buildings swelling around one of the ruler straight highways. We descended into squares squares squares until we were quite low […]
Unique New Cheese a ME/NY Collaboration (7/12/2017) - Chef and sustainable food advocate Dan Barber has some very interesting ideas when it comes to sustainable food practices, especially as they relate to our culinary industry and restaurant diners. One of his big projects revolves around a farm-based restaurant in Pocantico Hills, NY, although his career began with his family’s farm and attempts to […]
LEARN Peter Dixon Reverse Engineering Workshop (4/4/2017) - Peter Dixon led 17 of us on Apr 5th through a workshop on how to “reverse engineer” a cheese that we like to eat and want to learn how to make. We specifically covered four different cheeses– Epoisses Geotrichum candidium rind aged goat cheeses Bleu d’Auvergne La Tur –but then discussed many other typs and […]
REGULATORY-NEWS ACS Response to Listeria Outbreak in NY State (3/14/2017) - The American Cheese Society has written a letter to the editor in response to an article published on March 10th that detailed an outbreak of Listeria illnesses linked to cheeses made at Vuelto Cheese in Walton, New York. Unfortunately the outbreak has already been linked to two deaths. The ACS has also just released an […]

Dairy and Cheese Education Opportunities

Maine Cheese Guild

See Guild Workshops Page


Appleton Creamery Workshops

December through April

Maine Cheese Guild member Caitlin Hunter at Appleton Creamery is offering Home Cheesemaking , Basic Goat Cheese and other workshops  each winter to spring.  Caitlin has been making cheese for over 30 years and has won many awards for them. She has also taught cheesemaking at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, the Morris Farm, and UMO. Visit the links above for the latest information on these workshops and/or to sign-up.

Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese (VIAC)


For more information and to register for classes:
Visit their web site: www.uvm.edu/viac
Contact: Jody Farnham: Program Coordinator for VIAC
255 Marsh Life Science Building UVM ~Campus
109 Carrigan Drive
Burlington,VT 05405-0044 E-mail: jfarnham@uvm.edu / Phone 802.656.8300/ Fax 802.656.00

The Training Center for Farmstead Milk Processing


A series of two-day workshops in making cheese on the farm, taught by Peter Dixon and special guests. Classes are held at Woodcock Sheep Cheese Farm in Weston, Vermont and Taylor Farm, makers of Farmstead Gouda in Londonderry, Vermont. Through making cheese and other dairy products and receiving classroom instruction at these licensed Vermont farmstead cheese businesses participants will learn the fundamentals of farmstead cheese making and how to set up and improve their own farmstead cheese businesses. During the two days, we will learn to use starter and ripening cultures and make at least two varieties of cheese. There will be a strong focus on the technical aspects of cheese making and affinage as well as information on facilities, equipment, marketing, and operations. Participants are encouraged to bring any of their cheeses to the class for all to try. Lunches and course materials, including many tried and true recipes, will be provided. A separate pair of clean water-resistant boots or shoes is required. Cost is $250; a $50 deposit is required and the remainder is payable on arrival. Classes are from 9 am to 4 pm each day.

Contact Peter Dixon at Tel. 802-387-4041 or
Email pdixon@sover.net for further details and to register and receive directions.
Send deposit to Peter Dixon, PO Box 993, Putney, VT 05346.

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