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ACS Conference 2016 Grant Opportunity (3/23/2016) - At our February 2016 the Guild committed to offering at least three ACS Conference Grants for Guild members to attend this year’s American Cheese Society conference in Des Moines, Iowa July 27th through the 30th. The grants would pay for the Early Bird conference fee of around $500, which would be roughly a third of […]
Notes on Water Buffalo Cheesemaker from ACS 2015 (11/16/2015) - Notes on Water Buffalo Session at ACS Conference 2015 7/31/2015 10AM [photo courtesy of Zhangzhugang through Wikimedia] Quattro Portoni: Water Bufala in Northern Italy? A Transition That Worked! by Bruno Gritti, moderated by Michele Buster 190 million Water Buffalo in the world; less than 1% are in Italy (370,000), 2.9% in Africa, 2.4% elsewhere in […]
2015 ACS Festival of Cheese (8/3/2015) - The Festival of Cheese, which concludes the ACS Conference every year is always a highlight of the conference for both the attending cheese makers, as well as the host city because the public is invited to taste and enjoy the bounty of North American cheese!
ACS Providence 2015 Day 3 (8/1/2015) - Downtown Providence was very quiet as I walked north to the convention center this morning. All of the award winners must have been sleeping in… AS THE CHEESE TURNS It’s true what they say: #WrinklesAreSexy. (Watch it here.) This was a vertical tasting of two cheeses: Vermont Creamery’s Bonne Bouche, and Jasper Hill Farm’s Harbison […]
Maine Wins Ten Awards at 2015 ACS Competition (7/31/2015) - Maine cheese makers won ten awards at the 2015 American Cheese Society Judging and Competition announced at this year’s ACS Conference in Providence, RI. The ACS cheese competition is the largest competition in North America and includes entries from the US, Canada, and beyond. From among 267 companies submitting 1,779 entries seven Maine cheese makers […]
ACS Providence 2015 Day 2 (7/31/2015) - Friday began with an early morning meeting among the different Cheese Guilds to talk about the work that the Guilds do and where the Guilds and ACS can help each other. I was very disappointed with the discussion last year and had heard that this year the ACS Board had identified that defining and strengthening […]
ACS Providence 2015 Day 1 (7/30/2015) - And we’re off! Following a warm walk up to the convention center we sat down to a Vermont Pancake Breakfast (sponsored by the VT Cheese Council) with made to order pancakes and VT maple syrup “shots” on the table. We sat with a pair of guys from The Loan Grazer Creamery in Minneapolis, MF (yes! […]
ACS Providence 2105 Day 0 (7/29/2015) - It’s arrival day at the 32nd annual American Cheese Society Conference, this year back on the East Coast in Providence, RI. The current mayor, Jorge o. Elorza welcomed us to “America’s Favorite City” (according to Travel + Leisure Magazine) in the front pages of our conference book. I arrived mid-afternoon after a relatively traffic-free drive […]
Guild Grant for ACS Competition Entries in 2015 (4/14/2015) - The Maine Cheese Guild announces that we will offer to cover the cost of every Maine Cheese Guild member’s first ACS Competition entry for 2015. We know from past experience that the more Maine cheeses that are entered into the largest cheese competition in North America, the more Maine cheeses will win awards and illustrate […]
Maine Cheese Guild ACS Conference Grant Opportunities (3/16/2015) - At our Annual Meeting last November we committed to sending as large a group as possible to this year’s American Cheese Society conference in Providence, RI July 29th through August 1s. To that end we committed to offering partial grants to UP TO TEN (or as many as we can afford) Guild members to help […]

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