cow's milk cheese Hahn's End
Where the Cheese Stands Alone

Debbie & Drew Hahn
62 Captain Perry Drive
Phippsburg, ME   04562
207 442-0051

Hahn's End Specializing in aged artisan cheese made with raw milk from a local herd of dairy cows. The fresh milk is all natural with no artificial or bovine growth hormones. The cheese is made by hand in small batches and comes to full flavor in an aging cellar with conditions of high humidity and cool temperature. These conditions produce a natural growth of mold which is also encouraged by the flora and fauna in the cheese itself. As the cheeses age they are carefully brushed and turned to ensure consistent rind development. Depending on the cheese the aging process takes from two months to a year. During the summer months we also produce a variety of fresh cheeses made from pasteurized milk.

Cheeses Produced :
Olde Shiretowne (Semi soft Aged), Eleanor Buttercup (Semi soft Aged), Colby (Semi soft Aged), City of Ships (Semi Hard Aged), Ragged Island (Semi Hard Aged), Chamberlain (Washed Rind), Bleu Velvet (Aged Blue), Petit Poulet (Ash covered Bloomy rind), Golden Ridge (Bloomy Rind), St David's Day (Aged raw milk brie), Feta (Aged in brine), Moozerella (Fresh), Queso Fresco (Fresh)

Hahn's End cheese is available from:

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